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Accelerated Rehabilitation

Know Your Options

Accelerated Rehabilitation, or “AR,” is a program for first-time offenders that can result in the dismissal of certain charges. In order to have AR granted, a Judge must determine that the charges are not of a serious nature, and that the defendant is not likely to offend again in the future. If AR is granted, the defendant will be required to abide by court ordered conditions and stay out of trouble for a period, up to two years.

Accelerated Rehabilitation is not guaranteed. If a judge denies an AR application, the State’s Attorney will prosecute the defendant. If Accelerated Rehabilitation is denied it is more likely that a case will result in a criminal record, incarceration, and in some cases, a felony conviction.

A Connecticut criminal defense attorney can offer skill and guidance to a defendant who may be eligible for Accelerated Rehabilitation. A lawyer will walk you through the AR application process, negotiate with the State’s Attorney on your behalf, and argue your case before a Judge of the Superior Court. An experienced attorney can help you make an effective presentation to the court, and increase your chances of getting AR granted.

Attorney Michael Riley has experience arguing for Accelerated Rehabilitation in a wide range of cases, including felony cases, drug cases, gun cases, and sexual assault cases. If you are charged with a crime in Connecticut, contact Attorney Riley today to schedule a free consultation.

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